As my videos have been 'purloined' without permission I've had to make them accessible by password. You can contact me by email via or

Or by cell phone: 1 441 777 7688

Check out my whale website 

The videos displayed here are ultra-high definition 4-K video. The aerial photographs are still-frames taken from the 4-K video and can be as large as some gbs each. The complete edited videos displayed here on the Vimeo platform are also for sale. By that I mean that a corporate entity can buy the right to have their name at the front and end of the video with a corporate logo throughout the video. The video can then be uploaded to YouTube to achieve maximum exposure. Some of these videos have been uploaded to Facebook where, within days, they had tens of thousands of views. The images and photos you see here are just a small selection of the video I have taken over the last year. 

I have a license issued by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority to do 'aerial work'. Any operator of a Small Unmanned Aircraft (drone) who wishes to be paid for any aerial work must have a license/permit issued by the BCAA. Along with the registration fees payable to the BCAA, a licensed drone operator must also have over a million dollars in liability insurance.